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Landlord Tenant Law Attorney in Vineland, New Jersey

When to Hire a Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Tenants usually encounter different situations that they can't handle by themselves. Most of the time, they need legal help with their concerns to resolve the problem. The fact that some of these issues can threaten your freedom and satisfaction of your rental, getting a tenant attorney is the best help for you. By all means, your lawyer will do his best to protect your rights to carry out the case to victory.

You Have Rights

Here are some situations and circumstances when you can consider hiring a landlord-tenant lawyer:

  1. Your landlord is forcing you out of your property:
    When your landlord forces you to leave your place with a termination notice but you want to fight against it, you definitely need to look for a lawyer to succeed in the case. The lawyer that you should opt for is someone who has in-depth knowledge of defending against evictions. He/she must possess the ability to create effective strategies and solutions to fight your landlord's efforts to evict you.

  2. You're being evicted without proper court measures:
    The Anti-Eviction Act law provides that a person can only be evicted upon the landlord following the specific procedures set forth by the court. Therefore, when your landlord takes the law into his or her own hands and tries to kick you out, withdraw your utilities and/or commits other acts in violation of the law, you should hire a lawyer immediately. Everything has to go through appropriate court procedures before you can be evicted from your home.

  3. You're experiencing discrimination from your landlord:
    If you feel that you are experiencing discrimination from your landlord, you may need the help of a landlord-tenant lawyer. Your legal partner may help you ensure that your rights are protected.

  4. Your repair needs are not met:
    Your rental property needs necessary repairs which are the duties of your landlord. In case that this need is not being met by your landlord, then you have the right to sue the person for not upholding his or her responsibilities. A knowledgeable lawyer may offer the best help for this case.

  5. Promises have not been fulfilled:
    Some landlords tend to make promises to encourage and induce applicants to rent their property. They make certain promises concerning your safety, physical needs and many more only to convince you of renting the space. If these promises are not fulfilled during your stay in the property, you may be able to sue your landlord for it.

Situations like these indicate that it's time to hire a landlord-tenant lawyer for help. Take note of them because you may encounter any of these circumstances as a tenant. If you need credible legal assistance from a landlord-tenant lawyer, we are a great choice.